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8:30 Norwa Plants (Tissue Culture Laboratory) 

10:00 BOTANIA – Katarzyna Kulisiewicz & Ignacy Kulisiewicz (hydroponically tulip forcing)

12:30 Lunch

14:00 The Royal Łazienki Park in Warsaw

NORWA Plants (Tissue Culture Laboratory)

Staszica 44

05-500 Piaseczno


We are a fully independent tissue culture laboratory that offers a wide range of services: from introducing plants to tissue culture environment, through mass meristem propagation, to hardening and rooting plants in greenhouse at the customer’s request. We support breeders by collecting meristems of new cultivars, which we include in mass production in the shortest possible time. We strongly stand by breeders rights and propagate material on license agreements and exclusivity contracts.

Currently, we produce over 1000 cultivars of perennials, indoor and garden plants, shrubs, trees, vegetables and fruits plants. Every year, we produce over 10 million plants, whose recipients are wholesale customers from around the world. Our products are free from all kinds of diseases and are the starting material of the highest quality.

BOTANIA – Katarzyna Kulisiewicz & Ignacy Kulisiewicz

Parkietowa 2D

05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki


Botania is Central Europe leading tulip producer.

We develop the tulip business by using the latest innovations. From a small  business, the company has grown into an industry leader. Millions of flowers are produced here annually.

Our tulips are produced using both the traditional method and the innovative hydroponic method. Hydroponic production is characterized by high product quality, purity and is also environmentally friendly.

Thanks to our excellent customer service we achieved successful partnership cooperation we have built long-term relationships with many partners in Poland and abroad.

The Royal Łazienki Park in Warsaw

Agrykola 1
00-460 Warsaw


The Royal Łazienki was King Stanisław August’s summer residence, in which a classicist architecture is harmoniously blended with its natural surroundings featuring fabulous gardens. Here, one can not only rest while watching nature but also deepen one’s knowledge of the ideas of the Enlightenment by visiting such gems of the European architecture as:

The Palace on the Isle, one of the most valuable Polish historical buildings, housing the Royal Picture Gallery; The Old Orangery, housing the Royal Sculpture Gallery, and the Royal Theatre - one of the few original European 18th century court theatres; The White Pavilion; The Myślewicki Palace, and the picturesquely located Amphitheatre.

In the Royal Łazienki gardens, one can stroll on paths and alleys surrounded by trees, shrubs, and flowers. Our visitors can choose between the Royal Garden, the Romantic Garden and the Modernist Garden. Among the best-known events at the Royal Łazienki are the summer concerts near the Monument to Chopin, which take place on each Sunday from the beginning of May until the end of September. 

Łazienki - Old Orangery Garden.jpg
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